ECR Community

ECR Community

ECR Community, commonly known as ECR EUROPE, consists of the ECRs of respective European countries and other Associations and organizations, such as the CGF, which share ECR’s purposes. The cooperation between the members of the community is carried out through meetings abroad where there is briefing on actions taken in each country and in each organization and joint projects are undertaken which support primary joint guidelines incurred.

For further information on the members of the community you can navigate to the following links:

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ECR Baltic

ECR Belgium

ECR Brazil

ECR Croatia

ECR Czech & Slovakia

ECR Finland

ECR France

ECR Germany

ECR Greece

ECR Hungary

ECR Iceland

ECR Ireland

ECR Italy

ECR Nederland

ECR Norway

ECR Poland

ECR Portugal

ECR Russia

ECR South Africa

ECR Spain

ECR Sweden

ECR Switzerland

ECR United Kingdom